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1. Company overview

InfySEC is primarily an information security services organization. Our focus is on three areas:
Client Security, Research & Development and building up intellectual capital with customers across
Asia, US and Europe. InfySEC is committed in providing an innovative set of services that address
our clients’ security needs. InfySEC keeps focus on Research & Development, Information Security
Awareness Programs, Vulnerabilities Analysis, Tools Development and few more services. We
strive hard to make our products accepted in the security community worldwide, making infySEC
security software, consulting, research and technology a positive force worldwide.
InfySEC is the trusted partner for managed risk and information security services to enterprises and
governments. It offers a comprehensive suite of services to identify and deal effectively with threats
and risks related to information security management. Our services include Managed Security
Services, Technology Consulting Services, and Professional Security Services.

1.1. Information Security Services we offer to corporate companies:

1. Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment (Network, Applications & Wireless)
2. IT infrastructure hardening (Router, Switch, Firewall ,IPS, etc.,)
3. Technical Risk Assessment ( based On ISO 27001 & PCI DSS)
4. GAP Analysis
5. Security Architecture Design
6. Wireless Security
7. Website Design and solutions
8. Open Source Customizations
9. R&D projects

Finding and analyzing vulnerabilities within such a broad and deep collection of real-world Web
applications – our understanding of website risk management is unmatched. infySEC has a unique
position within the industry – our infySEC Security Service provides continuous, precise security
assessments on hundreds of production Web applications on the Internet. As a result, our courses for
students, developers and security professionals incorporate the enormous wealth of experience from
infySEC core business.

1.2. Information Security Training Services:

  • Information Security Awareness Program for Corporates
    • Ethical Hacking workshop for corporates – (CTF)
    • Ethical Hacking workshop for College Techfest – (CTF)
    • InfySEC Certified Ethical hacking Course – (CTF)
    • InfySEC Certified Network Security Expert Course – (CTF)
    • InfySEC Certified Cybercrime & Forensic Expert Course – (CTF)

1.2.1. Capture The Flag (CTF):

CTF is an Ethical hacking game contains many hacking levels which is carefully designed by our
experienced information security experts for participant education purpose. This CTF will be
provided on last day, forming teams from participants to mock the attackers and hackers in the
security battlefield which will make participants to get clear idea about the vulnerabilities,
threats, attacks in information security perspective. This CTF Hands-On practical session will be
done within venue Lab LAN Network. InfySEC is the first company has included CTF
competition as Hands-On practical session in course and in workshop programs.

1.3 . List of well renowned Institutions:

* National Institute of Technology – Surat
* National Institute of Technology – Agarthala
* Indian Institute of Technology – Guwahati
* College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai
* Madras University
* Sathyabama University
* Kalasalingam University
* Vel Tech University
* SSN Engg College
* PSG Engg and Technology
* St. Mary’s School of Management Studies
* Loyola College
and so on.. For more details check attached portfolio.

For your reference, above are some of our successfully completed Information security events @
Well renowned Institutions and National Level Workshops.

  1. About Our Information Security Team:

Our professional trainers are extensively trained and certified in CISSP, CEH, CHFI, CCSA, OCA,
Among the strengths that distinguish us in the global marketplace are:

* Focused in Research & Development and Information Security Training Programs.
*Rich and current knowledge on security risks, threat and vulnerabilities affecting
contemporary enterprises.
* Unwavering focus on developing better ways to manage and mitigate security risks with
innovative tools, technologies, processes and practices.

Our industry expertise extends over Banking-Finance-Insurance, IT and Consulting,
Telecommunications, Research & Development and Government. Our solutions encompass security
assurance, compliance, governance, monitoring and management services.

  1. Importance of Information Security Training:

We are living in Digital World, where each one of us should aware of pros and cons of real time
digital world before using it. A brief in-depth information security knowledge, real time ideas and
differences between Cracking, Hacking and Ethical Hacking is missing in current education system
which leads students and employees to do illegal activities in this Digital World.

Hacker – A hacker is someone who likes to do new things with computers.

Cracker – One wrong meaning of the word hacker is “someone who tries to get into another person’s
computer using computer software such as Trojan horse programs, computer viruses, and worms that
can hurt other people’s computers”. The correct name for a person doing these illegal things is
cracker, but many news stories use hacker even though it is wrong.

Ethical Hacker – An Ethical Hacker is the hero or good guy, especially in computing slang, where it
refers to a White Hat or Penetration Tester who focuses on securing and protecting IT systems from

According to our recent research, many students and IT professionals are enthusiastic in Information
Security domain and willing to work as an Information Security Professionals in Top MNC
Companies. infySEC being an Information Security Service Organization putting its steps forward
and has come up with Information Security Training Services. we educate students, IT professionals
about ethical hacking in Ethical way and we help them to focus on IT Security Jobs in Top MNC
companies which has a huge potential in present IT industry.

4.1. Top MNC’s looking for Security Professionals to leverage their skills in IT Security Domain:

Websites have emerged as the number one attack target of choice. Cracker Attacks have moved
from the well-defended network layer to the more accessible Web application layer that people
use every day to manage their lives to shop, bank, manage their healthcare, pay insurance, book
travel and apply to college.

Web Application Security is critically important for many MNC Companies – today, above 70%
of crackers attacks worldwide are actively targeting Web applications. In this rapidly evolving
landscape, professionals in many roles, including developers, IT, management, and information
security, all have an important part to play in Web application security. Nowadays Companies
are not able to handle many new types of attacks which emerges every day and now IT industry
are in need of more Security Professional to protect them.

We had been honored to educate Students, IT Professionals, Security Experts and Cybercrime
Professionals to focus their career in Respective Domain and which has the huge market demand
right now in IT industry. Our 2 Days Ethical Hacking Workshop with LIVE Demonstrations will
provide students a good scope in Information Security Domain and will guide them to focus their
career in Information Security IT Industry.