Technical support

                                                          “Computer problems?
No problem, we are here!”

Computers and related device are good when they are in good shape and operating expectedly. But when things go wrong and they are not acting as they should say you are hard hit by a nefarious rogue software that has shut down business, then you know it’s time to call a CompTIA A+ geek to look into the issue. Here at Infosystem IT Support, each and every one of our computer technicians has been carefully selected. We make sure that they have the appropriate technical expertise and experience. So, if you need same on or off premises computer repair, servicing or ongoing maintenance in Zambia, then Contact us now.
Our technical service covers the following and more than listed. We CAN fix your problem. All we need is to know what it is.


  • Ransomware prevention – you don’t wanna cry, do you?
  • Viruses, malware, browser hijacking, etc removal
  • Hardware installation and diagnosis
  • Device drivers installation
  • Data recovery from functional formatted media
  • Mackintosh, Linux, Windows clients/server support
  • Smartphones flashing, unlocking and parts replacement
  • Smartphones OS re-installation and network unlocking
  • Slow computer performance optimization and tune-up
  • Operating systems installation and upgrades
  • Fix windows corruption and boot problems


In today ‘s world of data, entrusting your IT system with a person is a serious decision. Your data is your business and its integrity, availability and security is top priority. With so many inept and unqualified people championing themselves as IT support, its even more difficulty to find the right professional support company. This is where we come it. We love what we do with passion. Every project entrusted to us is regarded personal and perfection is guaranteed.

Broken laptop repair

Mobile device are more prone to break down due to compactness that makes ventilation bad. Coupled with frequent handling. We fixed dead laptops and all mobile devices. Please visit us for a quick solution.