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Computer networks are important if you want to easily share resources in your organization or home. Network is a backbone of any organization and without it the flow of information is highly limited. Be it within your building, across nations or continents you can depend on us to give you that third hand to get you setup and configured.
We have the appropriate technical expertise and experience to look into any type of computer networking scenario.
A local area network is a group of interconnected computers and peripheral equipment within a limited area, such as a home, an office, or small group of buildings. The LAN allows computers to share resources and information with each other such as printers, internet connection, software applications etc and computer files.
Setting up a full network that allows all of your devices to communicate together easily, and keeps the security tight as well, requires a little understanding in networking basics. If you don’t know how to troubleshoot home networking problems, relax. Infosystem can help you get the most out of your technology that you have today and what will come tomorrow. Our networking service covers.

*Microsoft AD setup and support
*LAN, WAN setup, repair, support
*Virtualizations– ESXi, parallel, hyper…
*Server setup and maintenance (racks, blades…)
*MDF/IDF wiring
*Cisco routing & switching
*Network security appliances & Firewalls
*VoIP & unified communications
*Quality of Service (QoS)
No matter which operating system or computer brand or technology required, Infosystem can solve your wired or wireless network repair or network setup problems fast and efficiently. Instead of facing what could be hours of frustration as you wait for your home networking devices to connect, or risk setting up a connection that isn’t secure, contact us first. One of our technicians will connect every wireless device and make sure it’s secure too. Remember without the proper security enabled, any person close-by could log onto your wireless system without you even knowing it. Why take this risk?
Tell us your network needs. Our technicians are trained to setup and repair computer networks. It doesn’t matter what equipment you have or want to get – we are only a call away: +260 979 272 888 or whatsApp/SMS.