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Database development

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The sheer amount of information that today’s databases have to store and manage is massive compared to a decade ago. Data isn’t just increasing in volume but proliferating in complexity as well. Data streams are reaching businesses from a broad range of sources including embedded technology, social media, suppliers, distributers, customers, and other third parties. As a result, our clients are asking for integration and optimization services.

We offer support across many systems including:

*MySQL/SQL Server
*Access/excel relational database
*IBM database2 and Informix
*Oracle and other NoSQL database solutions

We are committed to making your databases scalable, reliable, maintainable and secure. The first step is for us to know and understand how your current database infrastructure is helping or hindering your business. Whether you need off-the-shelf or customized solution we have your needs catered for.

Our services include:-

*Design and development
*Testing and repair
*Forms development and process automation
*Modernization, upsizing and migration/data export facilities
*Performance optimization
*Device integration (phones, tablets, and embedded technology)
*Data warehouse solutions
*Integration of multiple data sources for batch and stream processing
*Managed access to information based on user roles
*Full history of data changes (audit trail)
*Built-in data integrity mechanisms and more

We are here for your personalized database solutions. Talk to us and see how we can streamline your workflow at an affordable rate.