Cyber Security

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With path-breaking advancements in technology such as M2M communication, BYOD and increasing number of internet users worldwide, productivity has grown manifold. But as we become more dependent on the online environment, we can equally see a massive growth in malware and cybercrime cases all over the globe. Organizations have become more exposed to innumerable threats – both externally and vice-versa. This evolved landscape demands an equal and effective identity and access management procedure that lets a business take complete advantage of technology while safeguarding its information assets from unwanted exposure and meeting regulatory requirements. Thus, it’s important that businesses have a strategy to deliver effective enterprise security risk management and situational awareness using defense-in-depth strategies, effective monitoring, and analysis and reporting.
We are here with a pool of knowledge not only to counter measure these threats but an in-depth knowledge of how they penetrate and attack. We are loaded with (ISC)² and EC-Council protection strategies.
We offer the following services:

    • Security information event management (SIEM) implementation
    • Continuous threat monitoring and detection
    • Application performance Monitoring (APM)
    • Penetration testing and countermeasures
    • Identity and access management (IAM)
    • Information security training and gap analysis

We ensure a holistic risk driven approach for organizations with our solutions in the areas of identity and access governance, data protection, risk & compliance, threat management and mitigation (application, network & mobile) and cyber security monitoring & management.

Are you waiting until you are hacked, or you assume you won’t be hacked?

Even if you think ‘you’, you can’t be hacked because you don’t have any valuable assets, a disgruntled ex-employee can attack you just to prove your organization has crushed all because he/she left. And here’s the real issue: Anti-malware products are not infallible, and when they fail, conventional computer architectures readily allow data corruption by malware that masquerades as the authorized user. With us at your disposal, we will help you understand several precautions you can take to combat the effects of cyber crimes and discover:-

  • The myths that distract organizations from building a comprehensive cyber defense
  • See through the myths surrounding cyber security frameworks, technologies and most importantly, people.
  • Misconceptions regarding network defense, leading to a false sense of cybersecurity
  • How to select a cyber-security framework and effectively roll it out across the organization

Modern threats Vs. traditional security systems

The reason why traditional forms of security (Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Antivirus, Vulnerability Management etc.) are like no longer enough to stop Advanced Persistent Threats is because the internal threats (employees) are the biggest risk to security. Employees who are not sensitized and security-conscious may not comply with the company rules. Security professionals also who are not well vested in the industry may also expose the organization to attacks through system misconfiguration. These are the biggest security risks faced by companies. Otherwise these traditional security methods will still protect your assets for a low cost. All you need to enact a compliance policy and invest into the team tasks with looking into intrusion issues.

However, more sophisticated security system like Cyber Reveal Suite. These are products that enable integrated threat intelligence management, big data behavioural analytics based detection, log data querying and assessment, with context enrichment and investigation to support an enhanced and effective security operations function.